Nature has always been the richest reservoir and best supplier of exceptional healing essences. Therefore it is not surprising that in search of new and miraculous plants and highly valuable ingredients, apothecaries have constantly roamed and consulted nature in the past thousands of years. This knowledge has been passed on to every generation, up to the very present.
As heir of this ancient tradition, we have maintained the use of active botanical extracts throughout our organic range at BIOSCREEN , resulting in high efficacy. At the same time, we make sure that the natural therapeutic powers of all our products are investigated further and are able to unfold fully.
Nature does and will continue to play the most important role in our science of beauty!


Found to be the oldest tree in the world, the mysteries and possible uses of the valuable essences of Gingko Biloba continue to be explored. The Gingko Biloba is particularly appreciated for its anti-radical virtues and usefulness in prevention of the skin to age early.