Artist Jeffery Lai:

Thanks to thecutting-edge technology of BIOSCREEN Medical Beauty, the Medical RF Treatment provided a painless and comfortable experience. I understand that Boys are always understimate the impotance of thier facial condition and treat it carelessly. But adter the treatment, My facial lines and wrinkles are plumped up. BIOSCREEN's aesthetic services was really impressive! It is so simple to take good care of my skin.


Ruby Wong:

It’s really depressed when you saw your dark circles and tired eye every morning. Thanks to this Italian cutting-edge Plasma Jet technology, my skin complexion was instantly improved and my pores were minimized, including the sensitive eye areas.

Artist Sung Chih Ling:

Quality is the first criteria to choose a facial treatment, Bisocreen is a trustful one. Especially Plasma Jet RejuvenatingTreatment which significantly minimized my pores and acne scar, my skin tone is now whiter and brighter. Better skin condition is essential for good makeup. 

Actress Luvin Ho:

After Plasma Jet Rejuvenating Treatment, I can see a significant improvement on my overall skin condition. My skin became instantly tightened and firmed and my eye wrinkles and dark circles are reduced as well. I was so pleased with its excellent long lasting effect. #

#Safety and effectiveness are approved by European Conformity (CE).Individual results may vary.