Gingko Touch Treatment


The unique Ginkgo Touch is an exclusive Bioscreen treatment, which aims to restaure energy levels in the body. The Ginkgo Touch Massage eliminates toxins from the face by literally absorbing the negative energy out of the skin. It aims to maintain a balanced flow of energy and to accelerate the penetration of nutrients. The skin becomes velvet-soft and purified, thus regaining its shine and brilliance.



- Uplifts and firms the skin

- Brightens up sallow complexion

- Improves drainage of the face and diminishes water retention

- Enhances face contour

- Removes negative energy and calms the mind

- Regains face radiance


Suitable for:

- Health & ecology conscious clients

- Sagging skin

- Skin with wrinkles and lack of nutrients

- Tired skin with uneven skin tone

- Poor drainage