Cellular Hydrating Regeneration Treatment


The “iontophoresis” technology promotes the infusion of Cellular Hydrating Concentrate from Bioscreen’s iconic Bio-Organic series into the deep layers of the skin. Cell energy and micro-circulation in the skin are enhanced. Two prominent ingredients include Alpine Edelweiss Extract and Grape Stem Cell, which protect skin cell against environmental aggression. Combined with Hyaluronic Acid and Original Extract Orange Bio, the treatment helps restore the water levels in intercellular substance therefore revitalizing the skin.



- Apparent effects of anti-oxidization and DNA protection

- Enhances self-repair function of cells

- Protects skin stem-cell against UV lights and free radicals

- Continuously moisturizes the skin, skin is plumped and softened

- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

- Balances skin tone


Suitable for:

- Dehydrated skin with fine lines

- Sensitive skin due to lifestyle pressure

- Weak moisture-binding capacity of the skin