Alp Rose Stem Cell Rejuvenating Treatment


The radio frequency technology (with high skin penetration) helps tighten facial tissue and accelerate collagen growth. The Alp Rose Stem Cell, which contains excellent antioxidant and DNA protection abilities, helps strengthen the skin barrier, reduce the death rate of skin cells and prevent environmental aggression on sensitive skin. In addition the Reishi Spore Oil helps reduce wrinkle (thanks to its with detoxifying function) and repair the skin cell damage from UV & free radical.



Alp Rose Stem Cell:

- Strengthens skin barrier

- Reduces the death rate of skin cells

- Prevents environmental aggression on sensitive skin


Reishi Spore Oil:

- Reduces wrinkles

- Detoxifies

- Repairs skin cell damage from UV & free radical


Suitable for:

- Anyone who suffers from UV damage and rapid skin aging

- Deep wrinkles and fine lines

- Sagging skin, lack of firmness

- Sallow skin, lack of energy