Bio-Elita Hydrating Treatment


The Nutro-Crystal Capsule Technology comprises concentrated crystal-like capsules containing nutrients which immediately release into the skin upon contact. Skin captures nutrition and moisture from the capsules to maximize its moisture levels. The treatment also uses a Bio-Oxygen device, which helps promote the delivery of oxygen and nutrients into the skin. Aging cells are activated to awaken tired complexion, helping skin to absorb nutrients and moisture released from the crystal-like capsules instantly. In combination with the Green Caviar Extract, it strengthens the functionality of the dermal-epidermal junction, thereby improving skin cohesion and increasing exchange between the epidermis and the dermis. After the treatment, the skin easily rejuvenates after absorbing the nutrient particles.



- Enhances absorption capacity and elasticity of skin

- Shrink pores, reduce fine lines

- Boosts skin’s moisture level for an anti-ageing effect

- Accelerate facial blood circulation

- Deliver perfect radiant skin


Suitable for:

- Sagging skin

- Lack of skincare

- Lack of sleep

- Dull skin and uneven skin tone